For hundreds of years, the helpful but not intrusive silent servant has been readily available for the man of the house and his guests. In the lobby or the private quarters, at the office, on a yacht or in an elegant hotel suite: JAMES is the comforting companion for a man of the world. The exemplary design and magnificent materials make JAMES a handcrafted perfection. Elegant, loyal and valued for generations, JAMES is at your service.

A gentleman is magnanimous, generous, straightforward and never talks about his tailor.

A dandy can never be a vulgar man, being a Dandy is a condition rather than a profession.

A king or a lord can be made by men, a gentleman can only be made by spirit.

A true businessman ist a composition of a dancer and a calculator.

It was pride that turned angelst o devils, it is humility that makes men as angels.

Waste no more time arguing about how a perfect gentleman should behave. Be one.


JAMES, the object of art by Baumondi Interior, adds an elegant flair to the atmosphere in the room. Designed solely for your personal requirements to serve your individual needs and fulfil your desires. The composition of JAMES stretches from classic materials like noble Californian walnut root wood to modern carbon-finish designs. Embellished with satin gold metal accent’s and rounded off with sophisticated white piano lacquer. Classic or Business, Dandy or Casual: every JAMES is individually crafted to suit your personal expectations.


The modern gentleman dresses himself with exemplary care to express his attitude and style. He uses only the finest fabrics, such as a silk pocket square, a starched white collar and hand-crafted leather shoes to assemble his daily wardrobe. JAMES CLASSIC offers you the elegance and charm of timeless perfection.


The Dandy Man knows what he wants, eloquent and witty. He is well acquainted with leather bound books but also cares for his Instagram-Account. The Dandy Man has an appreciation for a personal twist to his style. He acknowledges colour and subtle extravagance in his wardrobe, just like JAMES DANDY.


Your favourite jeans may have rips and holes, your designer-sneakers may be worn, but that is essential for your informal style. This wardrobe has an easy, laid-back appearance, sex appeal and commitment. JAMES CASUAL captures this relaxed attitude with ease – expressing nothing but slackened elegance.


The world of a business man today is the world of global capitals and the metropolis. His business dictates his timeline and his lifestyle. He appreciates efficiency, quality and perfection. Streamlined minimalism is the characteristic style of the business man. JAMES BUSINESS provides you with signature style and sleek design. Confident and vigorous.


In liebevoller Handarbeit werden die edlen Teeblätter verlesen und getrocknet.

“To drink tea is to forget the noise of the world.” – Following tea culture from the emperor’s palace of ancient China to British afternoon tea tradition.

Ein Diener mit Tablett

The worlds first silent servant is a golden boy. The history of the valet stand from ancient Rome to the contemporary interpretations of our time.

Frauscher Boote Anlegestelle am Traunsee
Boatyard Frauscher

Austrian boatyard Frauscher is one of the leading manufacturers of design-motorboats. Founded and captained by two brothers, the production is set to only about 80 boats per year – and that with great success.



JAMES is an object of exquisite character, a silent servant, a personal assistant. JAMES is subtle, timeless and elegant. His posture is reminiscent of the loyal butler, readily available at your service. Upright standing, straight back, head raised, one arm holding your suit, the other a small shelf for your daily necessities.

JAMES is enduring and patient. An object for generations to be passed from ancestor to descendant and from predecessor to successor. A design object for the noble interior, with visual, functional and practical thoughtfulness.


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Add to your JAMES with exclusive accessories. JAMES knows where your accessories because you trust him with your valuables. Personalise the drawer with a custom made tray-inlay for your favourite watches. An elegant leather bowl perfectly matches JAMES’ design and offers an appropriate place for your coins and keys. Luxurious hand-refined hangers for your suits and trousers extend JAMES’ possibilities to match your everyday requirements. All accessories can be individually added to your customizable edition of JAMES.